1. Loop the loop. Ilac centre, Dublin.
    Guest starring Katie.

  2. Shoarma and Hummous at Mama’s Garden, Antwerp

  3. Firecracker Chicken at Wagamama, Antwerp

  4. Eggs Benedict at Stay. Antwerp, 14 December 2013

  5. Breakfast at home with ‘Boule de Berlin’. Antwerp july 30, 2013

  6. Goat cheese salad with fresh orange juice. Berlin, Antwerp.

  7. Nandos. London, april 13 2013.

  8. Home made chilli. Brussels, February 15 2013

  9. Dinner at Belga Queen. Brussels February 13 2013

    The only thing worse than their food is the bar. Avoid this place. You will regret eating here.

  10. Dessert at Belga Queen. Brussels, February 13 2013

    Eat dessert here, but nothing else. You’ll regret it.